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If you are looking to increase your communication skills, confidence, and leadership this is for you. You’ll identify barriers and learn strategies and techniques to apply in your life. Become the leader, manager, or executive that you have always wanted to be. We’ll help you overcome fears, hesitations, and doubts so that you can take charge when you need to, seize opportunities, and to help your team succeed.

Live group training every week for 3 months from the convenience of your home or office over Zoom. Each weekly session is 1.5 hours long. You will receive worksheets and practical actions to implement in your life as well as a safe place to practice.

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3 payments of $366 each month for a total of $1,098

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10 Reasons To Join This Course

1. Advance your career.
2. Grow personally and financially.
3. Have a solid strategic plan.
4. Achieve more of your dreams and desires.
5. Create more profitable ideas.
6. Have the help and support so that you aren’t doing it alone.
7. Increased focus on what’s important.
8. You success increases as you help others.
9. Have the confidence to tackle any challenge.
10. Gain the skills to realize your dreams and desires.

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Meet your coaches

Brandon Ling

Brandon is a business coach and consultant with 13 years of experience working with small businesses to help them grow their revenue and profit by improving their strategies, management, processes, and systems.

Brandon studied graphic design, which allowed him to explore further, looking at challenges from different points of view and developing multiple solutions. In late 2006 while working as a graphic designer, Brandon wanted to learn about business and joined an internship to become trained as a business coach and consultant during the evenings and weekends. He applied what he knew about process design in training to build a process for doing branding. The other designers were able to follow the process, and the company started offering branding to its clients who had been asking the company for branding for a few years. Brandon became the Assistant Production Manager, where he helped manage the designers, branding projects and meet with clients.

During this time, Brandon realized that what he wanted to do more with his life was to help others achieve their goals and have the type of life they wanted. Building, designing, and growing businesses to benefit everyone involved was a more direct way of helping people achieve their goals than he could with graphic design, so he switched careers in 2008. Since then, Brandon has been helping businesses increase their revenue, profitability and be better managed.

Brandon was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, to parents who emigrated from Hong Kong and Jamaica.

Khatira Aboulfatova

When Khatira hired a business coach/consultant for her very first business, she didn’t yet have everything figured out. All she had was an idea and a burning desire to be her boss. “Why?’ you may wonder. Being a single mom with a full-time job, she wanted to spend quality time with her precious two kids who were just starting elementary school. Time, money, and quality of life was a determining factor for Khatira in having a business of her own, so she can enjoy being a mom, choosing how much she wants to work and when, while she was providing for her children and living a life in her terms.

Working with her business coach, Khatira brought her idea into life, kick-started her business part-time. Within 3-weeks, her income increased by an additional 50%. Her new company was making 100% part-time, equal to her earnings from a full-time job. Her monthly income went from Zero to 8,000 dollars within the first six months and kept growing after that. The best part was that she was there for her kids; her family and life were going with ease.

Khatira’s passion for making a difference with anyone in the inquiry for growth, happiness, and wealth is contagious. That is why she strives for greatness and excellence for everyone, including herself. She loves seen an idea blooming into a beautiful creation, becoming a profitable business.

What Our Clients Say

Intuitive. Compassionate. Powerful. From our first coaching session, Khatira cleared up my deepest wounds with love. A highly successful business/life coach, she challenged me to think beyond the ordinary mode with my love life and career that would capitalize on my strengths and passions. Her zest and energy make her easy to open up to and work with. She is not only an extraordinary coach, and also a caring mentor and her wisdom has motivated me to bring my visions to life. I am very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period, romantically and professionally, and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform.

Eva Wang – Universal Vests, COO

I have been a customer of RSC Business Group Alpha since 2007. During that time, I have experienced a remarkable growth in both my personal and professional life. RSCBGA has helped me take on many new challenges and has helped me to grow my accounting business, increased my personal effectiveness and most importantly helped me become a leader. Working with the team at RSCBGA has allowed me to tackle new goals that I never thought would be possible without them. They have been invaluable in helping me lead the life I want to live.

Tom C.

Khatira’s approach to coaching is transformational. Her ability to connect with her clients is unique, effective and makes a profound difference in elevating your performance. She is a change agent who is committed to ensuring that everyone she meets and works with is left seeing themselves newly and empowered to take action in their lives.

Dr. Camille W. Alleyne – NASA

Not only have I enjoyed working with Brandon for a number of years but I have also received far more value than what I could ever pay for.

Brandon has an amazing ability to help me see my situation from may perspectives.  He causes me to think of things in ways that I would not be able to on my own.  He keeps me on track and causes me to get more done in a faster and more efficient way.  I would never have been able to accomplish so much on my own.

Before I met Brandon I spent a lot of time over analyzing and struggling with my work load.  After having worked with Brandon, I get more done in less time and with less stress!!  He is excellent at helping me to simplify my tasks and because of him I make more money easier and faster but just as important to me….I accomplish this with so little stress.

RSC Business Group Alpha has helped me to get better results, faster and with less effort.  I would highly recommend RSC and Brandon Ling.

Shane M.

Reserve your spot now and advance your effectiveness at work and in your life for $999.