Case Studies

Case Studies – Our Work & Results

Personal training business

Situation: The owner was working a lot of hours and wasn’t making much money.


Our work: We set revenue targets, created deals and packages to increase sales during slow periods, capitalized on the database of old clients to make new sales, implemented follow up activities to increase sales to new leads, and planned out marketing activities for the year.


Results: Revenue increased by 91% in the first year. After working together for 5 months, new revenue records were set for 15 of the subsequent 17 months after that.

Interior decorating business

Situation: Revenue had declined for 3 consecutive years due to various factors including the economic slowdown. Owner was considering closing down and getting a job.


Goals: Increase revenue by 116% = more than double.


Our work: We clarified the target market, implemented marketing processes to generate leads on a limited budget, refined the marketing message to resonate with prospects, found ways to reach the target market, and increased marketing activities


Results: Revenue increased by 32% in the first year, and after 3 years the revenue is up by 116% compared to when we started working together.

Sales department of a car dealership

Situation: Sales were significantly lower compared to its height decades ago. The dealership wanted to increase sales and didn’t know how to do it at the desired rate. The sales people competed with each other to get leads and would sometimes argue loudly in the office. The departments in the company disagreed with each other and didn’t co-operate. The dealership was at the bottom compared to other dealerships in that city for that manufacturer.


Our work: We trained the new sales manager to take control of the sales department by training the sales people, creating a culture of co-operation, and supporting the sales people to achieve their goals. He created events and campaigns to being more leads into the dealership. Sales were increased to the point where the departments realized that it was in their own best interest to co-operate with each other. Staff began to operate more efficiently to deliver cars to customers quicker and increase profit on the cars sold.


Results: Sales increased to a level that was satisfactory to the management and was the highest it has been in over 10 years. Car sales increased from an average of 60 per month to consistently over 100 per month in the first year working together. The dealership rose from the bottom to the middle of the pack in the monthly ranking of the dealerships for that manufacturer
in that city. The departments co-operated to handle the higher volume of sales. The sales department became a loyal group of sales people working as a team.

Physiotherapy clinic

Situation: Had a business plan that wasn’t followed like many business owners. There was no marketing plan. The owner was working more hours than desired and at the expense of spending time with family. The owner was working to produce most of the revenue to keep the clinic open.


Goals: Become profitable and for the owner to work less hours in order to spend more time with family.


Our work: We implemented financial tracking, a marketing processes to generate leads, set revenue targets, implemented statistical tracking for marketing and sales, clarified the direction of the company, and prioritized projects.


Results: Revenue increased by 26% in the first year and the owner was able to reduce work hours to spend more time with family. The owner started getting paid. The revenue of the clinic is less dependent on the owner. New revenue records were set for each month in that year.

Spa business

Situation: Revenue had been shrinking for a few years.


Goals: Turn the business around and grow it.


Our work: Created sales targets and a marketing plan for the year. Increased marketing activities on a limited budget, offered monthly specials, created package deals, rebooked cancelled appointments quickly, and made sales offers the database of past customers.


Results: Increased revenue by 51% after working together for 6 months over the previous year. The increased revenue was sustained by having sales targets and a marketing plan for the whole year. A marketing initiative took 2 months to produce results. It started in February and in April revenue was significantly higher. The increase in revenue happened when the high season started but April 2010 revenue was 62% higher than April 2009. The increased revenue was cased by implementing different strategies and promotions.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Situation: The company had stagnated at about $1 million in annual revenue for 3 years prior and had a goal of reaching $1.2 million but didn’t know how.


Goals: Reach $1.2 million in revenue


Our work: We set revenue targets, created a 5-year plan, implemented statistical reporting for fact-based decision-making, refined the marketing process, increased marketing
activities, refined operations, budgeting, and improved the collection of payments from clients.


Results: After 1.5 years, the company surpassed $1.3 million in annual revenue which is a 30% increase and when on to reach $3 million 2 years after that by following the plan.

Martial Arts School

Situation: Business partners split on short notice, dividing the school. The client had to move to a new location within a week and need to rebuild the student base.


Goals: Increase revenue quickly in order to get the school profitable and to create consistent student growth.


Our work: Putting in place financial management along with strategies and routines for lead generation and sales. Analyze and implement strategies for student retention and increasing
the number of students the school could handle which included ways to increase the volume of classes and compensating for slow seasons.


Results: Tripled the revenue within 10 months and became profitable with the cost of a premium venue. Stable and sustainable growth continued after the first 10 months.