Grow an existing business

Your business is profitable and running well.You have the drive and ambition to grow the business further and reach the next level however, it hasn’t happened yet. You want guidance or support to accomplish this.

To best serve you, select the category that best describes your situation:

Your business has been at the same level and isn’t growing

Your business has reached a certain level and won’t go beyond it. It might be at the same number of employees or the same amount of revenue for a while. You have tried different solutions and the business still stays at the same level.

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You want customers to return more often or buy more

Your business gets enough customers however, you want them to return to buy more often or to buy larger amounts of your products or services. If they bought more often, your revenue would be more stable and predictable.

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You want to go from being self-employed to having an organization

You are making a good living on your own. Now you want to become an organization because you can accomplish more while freeing up some of your time. Currently, your income depends on your work and you want an organization that runs without depending on you.

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You want to expand into a new market or geographic region

Your business is stable in your current market. You want to take advantage of the opportunity for growth from expanding into a new geographic region or entering a new market inside your current geographic region. You aren’t sure which market or region to go after. We will help you identify the new market or region to pursue.

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You want to offer new products or services

Your products and services are doing well. There is an opportunity to grow your business by offering a new product or service and you aren’t sure what product or service would be best to offer. We will help you determine the next product or service your business should offer.

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You want to start a new business division or new business altogether

Your business is great where it is and it’s continuing to go strong. You want to open a new business division or start a whole new business to grow further. There are some possible businesses you could start however, you aren’t certain which one would be the best. Let’s discover where the next part of your journey goes.

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You want something customized to fit your situation and ambition

Your situation is unique and the path you want to take is different. You want customized guidance and support to take you from where you are to a new destination.

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